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Camie Stewart - Chapter 4

6 months later...

Now I was almost 8 months pregnant and really showing. I had had to quit school, and so I hardly saw my friends anymore. Sandy sometimes called, but even she seemed to be too busy to hang out with me. And I couldn't blame her. She was a popular 18 year old girl and she needed to have fun, while now I was a pregnant married woman. So during the days I sometimes went out with my mum

Trey was still in college, he was studying really hard. We had talked this over, and Trey told me that it had always been his dream to finish college. So we had agreed that he will keep on with his studies, and for the time being work part-time with my father. Of course once he finished college, he could get a better job in the firm, which I knew one day was going to belong to us

One day I decided to ask my mother something which had always been on my mind, ever since I got pregnant.

"Mum, when I told you I was pregnant, why weren't you upset, but instead you bought me a house to live in, and threw me such a big wedding?" My mother looked at the plate.

"How could I be angry at you, for doing the same thing I have done 19 years ago?" I stared at her.

"You? You were pregnant before you got married?" She nodded.

"I had grown up in Simville, but I had different dreams then the people over there. But then I met your father and we fell in love. I was not 18 yet when I discovered I was pregnant. My parents disowned me, and they moved out of Simville. Your father and me got married, and it was really hard for us at that time. I had to go to work when you were still a kid. Luckily for us your father is a really smart guy, and he made it, so now we could live in comfort. But it wasn't always so for us. That is why we tried to help you in the best way we could, cos we don't want you to go through the same things that we did."

"When we first moved to Pennsburgh, I thought that maybe you won't have the same fate as everyone else in Simville, and maybe get to become Somebody. Then when you told me you were engaged, I thought that your dreams were still those of a Simville girl. But when you had told me you wanted to do other things I was really happy for you. But it seems like the curse of Simville never lets you go out of its grasp, even if you move to another town." I hugged my mother.

"It doesn't matter mum, I am really happy, I love Trey, and thanks to your help we can live in comfort too, and when the baby comes, he won't lack anything."

Trey still took me places even though now I was huge, and he still told me that I was beautiful everyday, We sometimes went to the beach, I found it rather embarrasing to sit there with my enormous belly while everyone was in perfect condition, But when I started shying away, Trey would tell me that I was more beautiful than them because I was pregnant and they weren't. and anyway it was only a matter of weeks now before I got my shape back again.
One day I went for the usual check-up at the clinic with my mum. At the beginning I had been rather reluctant to go to a male doctor, but nowadays I had gotten used to it. Doctor James as he insisted we called him, always managed to make me feel at ease, and he was also very good looking as my mother commented everytime we went to see him.

"If only I wasn't so much in love with your dad!" she would sigh. I would smile and tell her,

"I'm half your age mum, and still I think that he is gorgeous." And we would burst laughing.

That day Dr James looked more concerned than usual. He told me that the baby seemed to be arriving soon, earlier than we had expected. I was scared, and I started crying because I thought that something was wrong with the baby.

Dr James hugged me, and told me that there was nothing to worry about. There was simply nothing wrong with the baby. It was only going to be born two weeks earlier than expected.

He hugged my mum too, because she too had started crying. Dr James was really a nice guy. However I couldn't help noticing that there was something different in the way he hugged my mum. Somehow their hug seemed more intimate. I shrugged it off however. I knew that my mum was very much in love with my dad.

He kissed me before I left, and told me not to worry, and that I soon was going to be a mum
And then the big day came. On the 12th of May I became the proud mother of a beautiful daughter whom I called Rykie.
Everybody was happy, and everybody was proud. I was exhausted, and could hardly get out of bed, but I was the happiest person on earth
Friends started dropping by to see Rykie. They were all really thrilled to see her, and they fell in love with her at once. We spoke of a lot of different things, but not one of them mentioned the past, or said something which started with the words "Do you remember when..." It was great to see that my friends still thought of me as one of them, and not of the girl that used to hang out with them. I was not just a part of their past; I belonged in their present too, and I welcomed them in mine.

The only thing that we hated about being parents was having to get up at night, especially Trey who had to be in school the next morning, and work. It was not that big deal for me, because my mum would come over during the day to take care of Rykie, and so I could sleep for a while. So I always told Trey to get back to sleep, but he would not and insisted that he too helps with the baby because she was his daughter too. What a really terrific guy I had as my husband!

* * *

8 years later...

Rykie had grown into a really beautiful girl. Everybody said that she looked just like me when I was a little girl, except that she had blonde hair. She was very smart, but she was also very popular, and I was really proud of her. I was now almost 27 years old, and Trey was soon turning 29, and working as a general manager in my father's firm. How time flies! But we were still happy together, and I thought that we will always be so. But the troubles were just beginning...

The first thing that happened left us all shook! It was the death of my father. He was driving home one night after a late conference, and another car with a drunk driver hit his and he died on the spot. None of us could believe it. Rykie cried her heart out, she was so close to her grandfather. Even Trey was crying like a baby at the funeral, he loved him like his own father

The first thing that happened occured after about six months from my father's death. One morning while Rykie was in school and Trey was at work, I went over to my mother's house. She didn't seem to be in, but then I heard laughter coming from the back of the house, and so I walked over to the pool. And there sitting on a deckchair beside my mother, was Dr James! He was in his bathing suit, and my mum was in her bikinis. I was left speechless. My mother smiled at me, and so did Dr James, but I couldn't smile.

"Mum what is he doing here?" I asked angrily.

"Well, honey, Dr James is a friend of mine, and today he was telling me that he had a day off, and so I asked him over for lunch. It was too hot inside, and so we decided to have a dip in the pool."

"Yeh," I said sarcastically, "And he happened to be carrying his bathing suit in the trunk of his car."

"As a matter of fact, yes," Dr James said. "I like swimming, and so I always carry my suit with me in case I have some time off."

"Shut up!" I snapped. "Nobody is talking to you."

I pulled my mother away. "Mum how could you?" I asked. "I thought you loved my father." My mother looked at me.

"Yes I did love your father Camie. I still do, very much. But he's not here anymore, and my life has to go on. I cannot stay alone for the rest of my life. You have your family, but I am all alone, and you don't understand how lonely that can be sometimes."

"How long has this been going on?" I asked.

"Well, we've been friends for a while, but we have only been dating for the past month or so."

"Dating?" I burst. "You're dating now? Mum you're a mature 45 year old woman now. You are not 18 anymore."

"So what?" she asked. "Does that mean that I have no right to have fun? It has already been hard on me raising you when I was still a kid myself. Then your father died and left me all alone. Now I think it's time for me to start enjoying life again, like I have done for all those years I lived with your dad." I looked at her and said sternly,

"Does he expect me to call him dad now? Cos I won't, you can be sure. I won't even call you mum anymore. And please don't come near my daughter anymore as long as you keep on acting in this foolish way

And with those words I walked away. I was angry at my mum for doing this. She belonged to my dad, and she should not see another man. I was hurt, because I loved my dad very much. He had given me every opportunity to live the most comfortable life immaginable, and to be happy, and I could not just forget him. How could my mum?

I turned to say something else, but I wish that I never did. For the scene that I saw was too painful to ever forget. Dr James had got up to talk to my mum, and now they were kissing. I stormed out of the house, resolving never to come back again.
I was in the living room crying my eyes out when Trey came home from work. He asked what was the matter and I told him everything. He hugged me, and told me not to worry, and that everything was going to be allright. He told me that it was ok for me to act that way, but in time I will understand, and will not be so hurt anymore. I hugged him back. It was good to know that there was someone who cared for me.
That evening while we were having dinner, Trey gave me another shock. He told me that things had not been going too well at work, since my father had died, and now he had had to assume more responsibilities. He told me that he was going to employ more people, and that he needed a new secretary. and then came the shock. He told me that his new secretary was going to be Romy.
"Romy?" I asked. "Why Romy?" He shrugged.

"Your father really trusted her. He used to say that he had known her since she was a kid, and that her parents were best friends with yours. He used to say that you two used to hang out together when younger. I know that I have a wonderful wife, and so her best friend is sure to be trustworthy."I shook my head.

"Romy isn't my best friend. You are talking about something of 12 yrs ago. When I moved to Pennsburgh she didn't know me anymore. And now I know that she is jealous of me. She has always been, ever since that first time when she walked in my parent's home and you were there."

"Why should she be jealous? Her parents are rich too."

"She is a Sim! Her dream was a typical Simville dream, to get married to a nice, handsome man, and be married before she was 20. She is almost 28 and she is still not even engaged!"

"I still think she will be a good secretary," Trey said.

"Why can't I be your secretary instead of her?" I asked.

"Are you crazy? You? My wife? My wife going out to work? Come on, Camie. I thought you'd be happy, cos I thought she was your friend."

"She's not!" I said angrily. "Why didn't you employ Sandy if you wanted my best friend to be your secretary?"

"I thought about it, and even phoned her up. After all, I have been friends with Sandy for a long time. I even thought about Devnee, cos me and Dev grew up together, and she had always been my best friend. But both of them are employed and will not leave their jobs to work for me."

"Oh ok, so you had to go and employ her as your secratery. You are not doing me a favour, believe me. It would have been much better if you had employed a complete stranger. I just don't trust her."

"Come on babe," he said, "Don't take it so hard. After all she's just a secretary. You are the most beautiful woman in the whole world, and I would never think otherwise."

But I knew that I shouldn't trust Romy. Suddenly Trey started working late, something which he had never done before. Also we hardly ever made love anymore. One day I was with Rykie in McDonalds, and there in the corner booth I saw Trey sitting with Romy. At that moment I felt the whole world crumbling around me. I bought Rykie a take-away Happy Meal, and ran out of the place. He had not even seen me. I was so sad, Romy was just his secretary. What were they doing eating there together?

I decided to phone Sandy the next week, and I asked her to take a day off work so we could meet up. We decided to book a day at the Rose Hotel, so that we could use the facilities there. I wanted to do something to get my mind off what was happening in my life.

And suddenly I saw them! Trey and Romy together in this hotel. I couldn't believe my eyes. Romy and Trey! Trey was supposed to be at work, and not sunbathing near a pool with his secretary. I got up, and ran inside crying.

That evening Trey called me to tell that he was going to be very late coming in from work. He said that he really had a hard day, and that there was still a lot to do. I said ok, but then I decided to drive to the Rose Hotel. I told the receptionist that I was Romy Walters and that I had a date with Trey Roberts. She checked in her book, and told me that me the number to his room. I opened the door slowly, and I can never forget the scene before my eyes.Trey and Romy were kissing passionately. I wanted to run away, but then I decided that I must confront them there and then.

"So this is your love for me?" I shouted. "Is this the reason why you wanted Romy as your secretary. You did not even have the guts to admit it to me. You just kept on lying day after day."

I ran out of the room. Trey ran after me.

"Camie, please let's talk."

"Talk about what?" I asked angrily. "You cannot deny anything anymore. I saw you this morning at the pool, and I saw you kissing her right now. I don't want to see your face again. Never again, understand? You can pack your clothes and leave tomorrow morning. And you might as well look for another job too, because you are not going to work in MY company anymore." And with those words I walked away.

End of Chapter 4


chardonnay said...

Oh my..methinks something hit the fan...and it wasn't pretty.

I have to say I played Sims 1 but I didn't know you could do all this with them....please tell me how you did it???? PLease???

lorianne said...

I still wonder myself about how I managed to do this. lol. When I wrote this story, I actually had time to build all the houses, and lots, and furnish and decorate them all, and I actually played with the characters too. Nowadays, I find it very hard with Sims 2. I just put my characters on an empty lot, build a huge room, and decorate and furnish for each picture as I need it.

I remember that in this first story, the only cheats I used were 3: the move_objects on cheat, the money cheat, and I had a coffee machine that would instantly max out all the motive's of everyone on the lot when someone used it. I still wonder how I did it. Today, I use so many cheats, and I still find it hard. I use cheats for moneys, for aging, for motives, for aspirations, to make them fall in love, reaction testers, poses - you name it, I use it - and I look at this story, and I know the pictures were still more descriptive. The only reason I can find, is that Sims 1 was so much simpler, and easier to play.

Astral Faery said...

GASP!!! Oh no! Poor Camie! This is just too much. Not only is Trey cheating on her, but cheating with ROMY. Oh man oh man. She's really having a hard time. I'm glad she kicked that SOB out of her house and her father's company. I'm very addicted to this and should be feeding kids - but I think I'm going to go read the next part instead. Excellent story!