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Camie Stewart - Chapter 2

Well, here am I again! The days kept going by, and Sandy and me got closer than ever. We were always together and we did everything together, from shopping to sleepovers and we even did our homeworks together. Life was really good, and I could never remember being this happy in all my life.
Mostly I looked forward to the weekends, because there was always something new to do. Everybody had a pool at their house, but sometimes we went off to the beach, or any place that popped in our heads. I was still dating Trey, but Bryan and me were getting to be good friends too, mostly because him and Trey were best friends and so we often went out together just the four of us.
I hardly ever thought back to those weekends at The Mall. That past simply never existed, and I made a whole new past for myself. Everyone believed me when I said that I had always been a popular girl, and I almost started believing it myself. Well, it wasn't so hard. After all, people admired me wherever I went, and everybody wanted to be friends with me these days. Wherever we went as a group there were always people looking at us, admiring us. And wherever I went alone, or with Trey, there was always somebody looking at me with envy and longing. I loved every moment of it, and really hoped that it would last.
It was almost two months now since I had made friends with Sandy and the others. I was still dating Trey, much to the surprise of everyone else, and suddenly I had discovered that I had become the most popular girl in town. Nobody knew anything about my past, and I could count on Sandy not to ever tell on me.Anyway, some two months later, my parents were invited to this social event, and according to my mother "Anybody who is somebody would be there". It was a gala party for high society, and somehow they managed to drag me along with them. At first I was bored to death, because I was missing my friends, and Teen Grove, and Ocean Dreams, until suddenly I saw a familiar face in the crowd. It was Bryan!
I introduced Bryan to my parents, and they seemed to like him at once, and I don't wonder. He was handsome, nice and the fact that he was here meant that he was high society too.Bryan told me that he was glad that he had met me here, because we could hang out together for the night, and not make useless talk with grown ups. I was glad that I had met him here, because I could spend the whole night with him, without any interruptions from Devnee or Trey.
We danced all night, and drunk a lot too. I wanted to talk to Bryan about Devnee, to see if he was really in love with her. But the party was such a lively one, that we simply had no time to stop and talk.
Now it was getting late, and the music started getting more romantic. Suddenly they started playing My Heart Will Go On, by Celine Dion. I looked at Bryan, and started heading for the bar, to get another drink. This was a song for lovers, but neither my boyfriend, nor his girlfriend were here. But Bryan grabbed my hand, and pulled me towards him, and we started dancing. It was the most beautiful dance of my life. I was in heaven, being so close to Bryan, and moving in time with him. I never wanted this song to end.
In the end we couldn't take anymore, and we decided to sit down for a while. We found a spot away from the watchful eyes of my parents. In the end I couldn't resist asking him:
"So why isn't Devnee here?"
"Same reason why Trey isn't here. Their parents aren't as rich as our parents. Our families are considered as royalty over here in Pennsburgh."
"So did you miss her tonight?" I asked
He surprised me by putting his arms around me.
"Miss her? How could I? Not when I have the company of the most beautiful girl in Pennsburgh!" I blushed, but I was really thrilled to hear him say those words. "Did you miss Trey?"
"No" I answered truthfully. "I had a really great time with you, and I never want this night to end. We never talk much, but tonight was really super."
"Well, I like Devnee, but I don't know if I really love her. But you know, she is really very popular, and I like being part of the in-crowd." I nodded to show that I understood.

I was quite drunk by now, and the fact that Bryan was so close to me was not helping me to think clearly at all. I got off the bench, and went towards the fountain. I sat down on it, trying my best to look as sexy as possible, and started playing with the water. Bryan simply stared at me, but after a while, he got up, turned me around, and gave the most intimate hug I had ever gotten in my life

And he kissed me on the cheek too! I returned the hug and the kiss, but I wanted more. My parents were still around, and I knew that both of us were in a relationship, Devnee was my friend, and Trey was Bryan's best friend, so we couldn't do this to them.
At moment we heard the song Hero by Enrique Iglesias, and Bryan pulled me again in another dance. As we were dancing, he looked at me wickedly and said,
"Have you ever done anything really really wild?"
"Like what?" I asked.
"Like staying away for the night, not caring what your parents will say in the morning." I shook my head."Would you like to try it?" he asked. At that moment I was ready to jump into a fire if he asked me to, so I said,
"Yeah, why not?"
"Ok," he replied. "Let's sneak away, and I will take you somewhere really special."

He drove us to the beach. At first I was a bit surprised, since we were still both dressed in formal wear, but there was no one around, and so we could relax. We sat on the swing, and he put his arms around me again, and whispered,

"I know that you don't want to leave Trey, and I don't blame you. He is the most popular boy in town, and I am dating Devnee, and I know that she is a bitch, and if I dump her she would definetly bring me down. But for this night, let us both pretend that we are single, and enjoy each other's company." I couldn't agree more.

I was in heaven as he hugged me. This was the guy I was supposed to be with for the rest of my life, and for this one night, I was getting to know what it would be like to be his girlfriend.
And finally he turned his face towards me, and kissed me! It was wonderful, it was perfect. I wanted to shout, and to scream, and to laugh and to cry. I was glad that I had sneaked away. I didn't care what my parents were going to say the next morning, this is what mattered. Being here with Bryan, in his arms, and kissing him. Bryan got a picnic basket and a blanket from his car. And he drove to this supermarket that was open 24/7, and he bought some food for us. Then he drove us back to the beach, and spread it on the sand. It was almost four by now, and it was starting to get dawn, so it was lovely
I kissed him again. I never wanted to let him go.
And then he leaned on top of me, and kissed me even harder. We remained in that position for another fifteen minutes, and then the caresses started to get more adventourus, and in the end we made real, passionate love to each other right there on that beach.
He drove me home at around half past six in the morning. He grabbed my face in his hands and gave me one final kiss before he left. I hugged him tight, and didn't want to let him go, because I knew that if when he drove off, this one night we had together would come to an end.
It was only a matter of minutes however, before my parents came out of the house. They were still dressed in their beautiful clothes, and worried sick about me. I opened my mouth to explain, but Bryan reacted before me,

"I'm sorry Mr Stewart, it was my fault. I took Camie for a ride in my car, because we were bored, and we went to the beach, and somehow we fell asleep, and ..." I almost laughed. How far from the truth he was!

My mother came over and hugged me. I was surprised, because I expected her to be angry with me. And she said,

"I understand you guys being bored at the party, but next time please tell us before you leave. We were so worried about you."And then my father looked at Bryan, and said,

"And maybe you should go home too because your parents aren't worried any less"

I gave him one final hug, and that was it... he was gone...

One year later ...

Me and Trey were still together, much to the surprise of everyone else. We were the hottest couple for miles around - the most popular boy and the most popular girl in town. Sandy was still dating Alec, and Devnee and Bryan were still together too. Anthea and Rick had had a fight. and had broken up. And she had started dating some guy called Roland. But Rick kept following her, and calling her everyday, and in the end she had left Roland and went back to Rick. Sandy and me were still best friends, and were together most of the time. And I still hung out with Devnee and Anthea in school.
We were in love. Of course we would be! We were both in love with ourselves, and with popularity, and so since we were both each other's ticket to popularity, it was inevitable that we should fall in love. We sometimes went to Teen Grove, but nowadays it was not as frequent as before. We usually went down to Ocean Dreams. I hardly ever saw Bryan anymore, and it was ok. At the beginning it was hard not to think about that night, but nowadays I thought of it as one night of drunken passion. This is were I belonged, in the arms of the most popular boy in town.
We were really happy together Trey took me out to dinner almost every weekend, and he always took me to some place new. I enjoyed being with him, and I was really glad that I had moved to Pennsburgh.

Time passed and it was almost one and a half years since I had started dating Trey. I was almost 18 years old by then, and almost out of high school. Trey was turning 20 soon. Nowadays we hardly ever hung out with the gang, because we enjoyed to be on our own more. One day Trey took me shopping, as usual, and I couldn't help stopping to look at the jewellery display in Tiffany's. Trey saw me looking, and a smile spread across his face.
Later on that day, after a most expesive meal in a real classy restaurant, Trey excused himself, and I went playing for a while on the pinball machine. After about 15 minutes Trey came back, and led me to the park. There he smiled at me, and told me "I've got something for you." And he handed me this lovely boquet of red roses
It was beautiful. I immediately put my arms around him, and kissed him passionately. Trey certainly knew how to make me feel special!
"Wow" he said, "All that passion for a bunch of roses, that will soon wither and die!" I smiled, and said,
"Red roses mean I love you, and so does a kiss". He smiled back and said,
"Well, red roses do mean I love you, but only for those people who cannot afford anything else. Fortunately, we do not fall under that category, Camie. We belong to a part of society that can say I love you more expensively." And with those words he handed me his next gift. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was a very expensive necklace, the very same one I had been admiring earlier on at Tiffany's. "I love you, Camie," he said. "And I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
Everything was perfect. Trey was in love with me, and I was in love with him too. Soon it was Valentine's Day, and Trey told me that he had planned something really special for me. He booked us into this five-star hotel for the weekend, and I was expecting it to be a very special weekend.Well, it was. It was the weekend that changed my life forever.

We had a really lovely day. There were other couples who had booked a romantic evening too, but no one was noticing each other much. Everyone was interested in their own partners.
That night we made passionate love, like we had never done before. I lost count of all the times that Trey said to me that he loved me, and that he wanted me in his life. I was certainly the luckiest girl in the world!
And that morning I had the surprise of my life! After breakfast we went back to our rooms, and Trey started talking about his past, before I had moved to Pennsburgh. He told me that he had this reputation before that he only dated girls for a month, and then he dumped them exactly on their first-month anniversary.
"But all this has changed since I met you. Honestly, the first time I saw you, I thought you were going to be like the others - after all you were like them, beautiful, popular, cool and so I assumed dumb too. But then I got to know you, and I discovered this amazing, smart girl, that I never thought I'd find. We've been together for almost two years, and I know that I am in love with you. Camie, will you marry me?" And he showed me this extravagant diamond ring. I didn't know what to say. I loved Trey, but I was only 18 years old.
However at that moment I thougt, well, it doesn't mean we have to get married right away, and so I said. "Yes, Trey, I will marry you, because I too am in love with you."

End of Chapter 2


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